Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Almost to week 12!!!!!!!!!!!

We are very excited because I am almost 12 weeks pregnant! I have never made it past week 6 and things could not be going more smoothly. We have heard the heartbeat twice and the doctor says that all of my levels are great! We are slowly starting to get use to the idea that we will have a little one here in October. We are both very happy about my starting to show. I have this tiny baby bump that Dale loves to say "hi baby" to and he gives my belly lots of kisses. He could not be happier that everything is going so well.

Dale and I have finally set a date for our big move to Provo. We will be offically moving on May 31st. We are getting excited about moving and cannot wait to have our own space again. We are getting things all aranged and ready to go. We are going to miss Arizona very much but we are very happy about the new adventures!

Hope everyone eles is doing well! We will keep everyone posted on the baby.

Thursday, March 4, 2010


One year since my first Pregnancy, I found out I was expecting again. I have been very nervous to tell anyone until now because of my other three losses. But I went to the doctor on this past Tuesday and he found the heartbeat. The baby’s heartbeat is very strong and its growing very well. We are both super excited and very grateful for this blessing. We would like to thank all who prayed on our behalf and for the support that we have received from all. Thank you so much for being there for us when we needed it the most. It was a very hard year for us but it made us stronger as a couple and made us more grateful for this child. I am due in October.

The Doctor said that my body was not producing a certain hormone that you need to keep the baby growing. After I got pregnant, I was put on 4 prescriptions that will keep me and, more importantly, the baby healthy. I have had blood drawn every week for the past 5 weeks to make sure that everything is going well. All of my levels are great and I will slowly start going off of some of these prescriptions soon. My body has finally realized what is needs to be doing.

We have also decided to move to Provo, UT so Dale can attend law school. He was offered a $5,000/year scholarship which means he will only be paying about $4,000/year for tuition. We are very excited for the change but it has been bittersweet. We will be having the baby there which means that most of you will not be able to see the baby until that Christmas. It will be an adventure. If anyone knows of a good OBGYN there let me know.

Thank you again for all of your prayers and support. Don’t stop praying for our little family for we are not out of the woods yet. We love you all and will keep you posted.