Thursday, August 7, 2008

Well the wedding is over and life is starting for the Albachs. We are doing really well.

Dale is going back to school in a couple weeks to start his second half of Junior year. He is going to continue working at the Dillard's Disturbution Center and is going to work 30 hours a week along with his full time school scheadule so he is going to be quite busy but he is a great student so we have faith that everything will be great.

Sam has just gotten a new job with Jordan Elementry school working as an Aide in the Kindergarten. She is also going to still have the salon job at Flair Salon. She really loves working at both jobs and is loving life as a new wife. It is quite hard sometime juggling two jobs and making sure everything gets done at home but its fun and she loves it all.

Right now Sam and Dale are trying to make some very important choices in their lives like what to do with school and when to start their family. We would really appricate your prayers in this matter. We are trying to decide if the Air force would be the best choice for us right now. Dale would go in as an officer and after law school work for them in the Jag unit. So he wouldn't go to war or anything like that but we would have to go where they send us. If we make this choice they would pay for law school and we would be able to have a family a little sooner then we thought we would. We just ask that everyone keep us in your prayers.

We are doing well and we hope that everyone keeps updated with us. We made this blog so you all can keep up with us and what we are doing.We hope everyone is well.

Sam and Dale

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The Bozemans said...

Hey Sam! Well, David and I have a blog too, so let's keep in touch!