Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A Year Together

Well we have made it a year.....well almost. Next month on the 18th will mark a year since our first date. We are loving married life and cannot wait to see what the year holds in store for the Albachs. Dale has started his senior year at ASU and Sam is working hard to get him through this last year. He has started looking at law schools but Sam wishes he would look at them more. With all the cuts at ASU latley BYU is becoming more and more an option.

We are planing a trip to Vegas in a week and can't wait. Thanks to Sam's parents we will be spending four days playing and having a great time with friends.

Sam and Dale are both excited for the arrival of the first Albach grandchild and can't wait to be an Aunt and Uncle. That little one is going to be spoiled to say the least. It is fun to watch the family grow. We are excited to see Maaike and Stetsen graduate High School this year(even if they have to be apart to make it to both) and seeing all of the sisters grow to be wonderful young women has been great.

Well that is the fun that is happening around here. We hope all is well with you.