Monday, January 4, 2010

Thanksgiving, Christmas, Doctor Appointments, and Law School Applications

Well life has been busy and we are not doing very well on keeping up with our blog.

First of all Thanksgiving was fantastic and we both had alot of fun being with Dale's Dad and his brother, sister's, sister-in-law, and his brother's baby boy. After spending time there playing games and having a wonderful dinner, we went over to Dale's mom's for pie and family pictures. They turned out so cute and I love having them in frames and on my wall.

For Christmas we went up to Sam's parents house in Show Low. The day before we left it snowed really hard there and by the time we got there was a foot of snow on the ground. We were both really excited for a white Christmas. We had a great time with the family for the last Christmas all together for the next three years. It was a little emotional but we had a really nice time.

During all of this Sam was going to Doctor Appointments and getting a lot of blood test done to find out why she has not been able to carry her babies full term. After a lot of blood was drawn and lots of tests were done, they finally found out what has been wrong. Sam does not produce a certain hormone and she has low iron. The combination of the two caused each miscarriage. It is easily fixed with a simple precription. We are both really excited! And hopefully we will be able to post soon that Sam is pregnant! The doctor told us that there should be no reason why she shouldn't carry full term and have a healthy baby.

Dale has offically applied to all of the schools that he wants to go to for law school. We will keep everyone posted when he gets his letters back.

We hope everyone had fun for the holidays and we are wishing everyone a happy new year.

2010 will be OUR YEAR!!!!!