Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Summertime Post #1

Well this summer has been going really well. We are currently living in Tempe, AZ in a older couples home while they are serving a mission. We have been enjoying our time in AZ with both of our families. I love the fact that my kids have had this time to be around their uncles and aunts and cousins and grandparents. We have also had some time to get to know Dale's new stepmother and her children. It has been nice to get to know the newest members of the family. We really have been enjoying our time here. I am not sure about living in someone else's home with their things. We have missed our friends in Utah and we have really missed our Ward there. I will be excited to be home at the end of the summer.

Coen is now 20 months and has officially started talking and potty training. It has been an adventure for sure. I am not liking this adventure as much but Coen is growing up fast and I am just trying to keep up. 

Adylee is now four months old and is such a great baby. She is now sleeping through the night and is rolling over and eating rice cereal. She also has started sucking her thumb which I think it is the cutest thing ever. I know that I will regret it later on, but is pretty cute now. She is so cute and I love her. She brings so much light into our home and I am excited that she came into our lives, even if it was not the most planned thing in the world.

Things in our lives are changing quickly. Dale is now applying to the Air Force JAG program in September. If he is accepted he will go to officer's training after he passes the bar and then he will go on to lawyer training for the Air Force right after that. That means we will be separated for 14 to 15 weeks. That will be very hard on me because I will be alone with the kids and then have to move our whole family where ever they station us, even if that means we are stationed overseas. The Air Force will fly Dale out to where ever his assignment is so that means we need to meet him there. Everything I have read about the Air Force life I am excited about. It will give our family a chance to have an amazing adventure and a way for us to get our loans paid off very quickly! I am very excited for the changes that will be happening in this next year.

I will be graduating this year as well with my AA degree in Medical Transcription and then I will be transferring to ASU to complete my degree in  Psychology and then to continue to get my masters in Psychology as well. So I am excited to continue my education.

We hope that everyone is well!