Friday, May 22, 2009

Life Happens.....

Well for the last month and a half lots has happened. We are just really bad at the whole blogging thing so we haven't told of all of our adventures.

First of all, we moved into a little house in Mesa that we love. After getting rid of all of the prior tenants (the roaches!) we made into a little home that we are enjoying. The ward here is fantasitic and we are loving the neighborhood. It is really nice to not be in an apartment anymore dealing with crazy people who live below us, dealing with parking, and worrying if we are being to loud for the people below us. We have four walls that are ours now and we are paying less here then at the apartment, so we got a deal.

Second, Dale finished his first semester of his Senior Year at ASU! Sam is so proud of him! He takes his LSATs in June and then we get to start with the application process! So cross your fingers that he gets into BYU and that law school will be that much easier for us.

Third, Even though we have had some really good things happen we have also had some not good things happen too. We found out we were pregnant on Easter, but miscarried this last weekend. It has been hard on us because we had a lot of plans, but life happens. It has been hard but we are pulling through and hopefully we will find out that we are expecting again soon. Sam also lost her job due to the economy sucking! But again we are pulling through.

And Fourth, We will be coming up on our year in July and what a year it has been. We would like to thank all of those who have helped us in anyway. We love you all.

Until the next adventures we will leave you with this. Remember life happens, but its the way you handle it that makes you better!


J&&K said...

I'm sorry to hear about the rough n tumble with life. But I am glad that you are pulling through. If you need any suggestions for a job message me on facebook. I can get you into something.
My prayers are with you sam. good luck.

beckaboots said...

Congrats on your new house! We are loving ours for the SAME EXACT reasons! My fingers are crossed for BYU law school for dale!
And I'm sorry about your struggles! Sometimes life give us challenges that we don't understand, but will in time. My prayers are with you too Sam, and let me know when you guys are up for a double or group date!

Michelle said...

So sorry to hear about the loss of your baby. This is such a difficult thing to experience! But, chin up... the Lord has blessed you tremendously with a beautiful new home and an amazing husband and will bless you with the family of your dreams as well.

In the meantime... you have the right attitude. Hang in there Sam.. we love you.

ShawntelRaylene said...

Oh Sam, I so sorry to hear about losing your baby. I hope you feel better soon. We had a miscarriage last year as well so if you want to talk (I'm sure there are many others more qualified than I) I am here to listen. Keep your spirits up. You're an amazing person. Best of luck, Sweetie.