Monday, November 16, 2009


We are so excited about Christmas this year... well Sam is! Sam set up all of their Christmas stuff up on Saturday and found out that they do not have much. It looked a lot better in their little apartment. This year is also special because we will be spending the holiday with Sam's family in Show Low. It is Stetsen's, Sam's brother, last Christmas with the family before his mission. He has also been away from the family for the last six months at Boot Camp and will be home for Christmas. We are all very excited.

We are also preparing as much as possible for the on coming baby. Even though we are still a ways off from the baby we are very excited. Sam has been feeling sicker then she did with the first two pregnancies and hopes that is a very good sign.

Dale is in the process of applying for Law School all over the country and we are getting very excited to start getting the acceptance letters and scholarship offers. We can not wait for the final decision so we can finally find out where we will be living starting next fall.

So we will have Thanksgiving, Dale's Graduation, Christmas, Next Semester, Birth of Baby, and then Moving and Starting Law School. Very busy next nine months.

We will keep everyone posted!

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Ty n Ann said...

sorry to hear about the loss... I cant imagine. oh how it is a small world. Cant beleive you found my freind Alisa. We were unseprable until I finally got the chance to move back to Flagstaff. Crazy that you live in my old ward. anyways glad life in general is going good.