Saturday, June 26, 2010

New Ward, New Friends, New Town, New Life

When Dale and I moved to Provo, UT, we were a little bummed out. We didn't want to move to Utah and attend BYU. We didn't want to be like every other Mormon couple that goes to BYU. Yes, we were a little critical of Utah and the people that live there. Well to say the least, we were seriously wrong.

Our new ward is fantastic. It is really small and the ward boundaries don't include very much. The ward will grow but not very much in the fall, so it will stay the small intimate ward it is. Everyone was so welcoming and warm the week we moved in. We love our ward so much.

We have gained some great friends since we have been here. The couples that we have become the closest to, are not from Utah so their families, like ours, are not around. We have gotten to know these wonderful people and love them all. It makes things a lot easier when you have someone to share things with. We feel that these people will be life friends. We are very grateful for all of them.

The town of Provo is wonderful!!!! We love the weather, the green trees, and the small town feel. It is nice not to be in the city anymore and we love taking walks at night. The fact that it is not 115 out is our favorite part of living here, but I am not so sure that we are going to be this happy when the winter rolls around. We are not what you would call snow people but it will be an adventure.

Dale now has a job down at the MTC in the Dining Hall. He is enjoying working again and being busy. He is getting nervous about Law School starting but he is also very ready to be busy all the time again.

The baby is growing everyday. I can feel him more and more and he is very active. He doesn't like it when I sit for too long and he lets me know when it is time to get up and move. I am loving this period in my pregnancy. I can eat whatever I want without getting sick now and my energy is back. I love connecting with my little boy everyday. Dale loves to feel him kick and move. We cannot believe that I am only 15 weeks away from delivering. It is getting exciting.

We are loving Provo and hope all is well with everyone. We are missing home at times. We love you all.

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Shalyn and Cooper said...

HOLY CRUD- 15 WEEKS! YAY!!! Glad you guys are enjoying it there:-)